#Tokyo from up above

Many Japanese restaurants over here have really nice exteriors.

Smart Doll brolley.

The deep back alleys by Musashikoyama station #Tokyo

Bicycle parking by Musashikoyama station #Tokyo

New figure get - Alisa from God Eater 2 by Alphamax.

In #Japan we have a political party called the Happiness...

Cutie Kizuna #SmartDoll

Some of my bridal collection designs. We working on the Smart Doll...

Danny Choo Bridal Collection 2015 for humans and Smart Dolls.

Mix Katsu for lunch at Yayoi Ken.

Blue skies #Tokyo

First batch of groceries of the year after coming back from...

First meal back in #Tokyo - hot bowl o Ramen. It's freezing back in...

Back in the office ready for action. #tokyo #Japan

#Tokyo touchdown. Next stop - Taiwan. ただいま。次は台湾へ。

You have been awesome Malaysia. Thanks for everything and see you...

Penang Hokkien Mee ho chiack.

Captain got new parrot. #SmartDoll

Makan siang bersama mirai-chan. #SmartDoll

With Mirai at SS2 Petaling Jaya. ペタリングジャヤでみらいちゃんと色んなコラボを。

Rojak omnoms at Food Republic Pavilion.

Malaysia Teh so good one.