POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2021/12/05 17:38 JST
Located in Katsuura Chiba is Ubara Utopia (鵜原理想郷) - a little-known coastal hiking area surrounded by lush vegetation. It takes about 2 hours by car from central Tokyo but is well worth the trip - the scenery is lovely. We took Dimension with us - luckily, she had her little baseball cap to keep her hair at bay as it was very very windy ;-)
We shifted our workweek to avoid taking Saturday and Sunday off - traveling anywhere in Japan on a Saturday is a nightmare due to traffic.
We take Sunday and Monday off when we do a five-day workweek - and take the Tuesday off when we do a four-day workweek.
Traveling on a Sunday is not as bad as Saturday, and our shifted workweek means the team can spend more time playing rather than sitting in traffic.
We can't work remotely right now as our products currently involve handcrafting by humans - but when VR technology catches up, I'm sure we would be able to work from anywhere ;-)
What is it like when you travel out of your neighborhood? Do you have to endure traffic jams, or is it relatively smooth cruising?