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Photos of another stylish otaku home office posted over at figure.fm - this time by Dieta from Germany. Great lighting in the room which has figures dotted all over the place but displayed with thought as not to make the place look cluttered. I want an office like this when I get a bigger place!
One thing that Dieta does that I do is to try and light corners which tend to be dark to make the room feel a wee bit bigger. Having glass tables also has the same effect.
I've left the original text by Dieta below each photo.

My desk is on the right side. I’ve mounted 2 Ergotron LX arms on a 2×2 Expedit which is placed behind the Galant glass desk. Both screens are HP ZR24w models, one connected via DVI and the other one via DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort to my Mac Pro. Below the screens sits my MacBook Air (13″ 2011 model) and 2 of my favorite Animé figures (Sasasegawa Sasami & Ikki Tousen). The iPad on the left is connected to the BlueTooth keyboard which is placed in front of it. I use it mostly to watch YouTube videos (keeps my desktop a bit cleaner) or to keep an eye on my servers via SSH and the magical saidar. Oh the black little box next to the iPad is my great Kindle! What an awesome device. On the HP wireless printer/scanner lays another Animé figure, but more on her later.

Sojas desk is on the left – she now also uses one of our 3 HP 24″ screens and so far she seems to be pretty happy with it We also mounted a Ergotron LX arm for flexibility. She uses her MacBook white and her iPad to work on her blog.

The next photo shows the cat scratch tree. Willow loves it and often sleeps on the top platform when I work on my computer at the weekend or late night. The blinds are very useful in the summer, but are looking nice in the winter as well. A new carpet was one of the rare things we bought last week to make the home office more comfortable. Willow is a bit scared of it and always walks around it, but that’s just a matter of time.

The other wall is covered by 3 wall scrolls – a kind of poster, printed on a textile – and of course, all prints are Animé figures. On the bottom of the Lack rack (on the left) you can see 2 Onnto DataTales, external RAID devices, which started to pop out HDs randomly. Meanwhile I’ve installed a dedicated backup server (based on Debian) which contains a 6TB RAID5 array – secure enough for backups. On top of the 2 horizontal Expedits you will find some more of our figures and some plants.

The other wall is covered with more decorative stuff and my 4 certificates that I’ve reached in the last few months. LPIC-1, 2 Novell Certificates and a Microsoft Certified Professional one.

Steel Angel Kurumi. Kurumi, Saki & Karinka. Very hard to find – took them 4 weeks to ship from Australia to Germany and better don’t ask for the price we paid!

K-On! A huge Mio and 3 Nendoroid Petit in front – so cute!

A-Channel. Tooru & Run. Got them both for christmas last year from my wife – what a great present.

Seitokai no Ichizon (most left & most right), Hatsune Miku Nendoroid on the drums and Toko Amano Nendoroid.

To Heart 2. Nanako-Chan Sukumize. I saw this cute figure on eBay and again and again I watched the auction and I knew I HAD to buy her. She’s 1/5 – much bigger than our other figures, but well – she’s so cute that she got a special place. The calendar you can see is self collected and edit by my wife – a lot kawaii images are inside.

To Heart 2. Konomi Yuzuhara. She sits on my wifes desk and looks what she does when she’s working.

To-Love-Ru. Sairenji Haruna came in two different christmas versions. Very nice for the living room in the pre-christmas time. And of course you see Belldandy “Fighting Wings” and my other Kurumi figure in the background.

In the basement, the servers are working. The big black box is the ESXi server which hosts the fileserver, a web server (<a href="http://www.figure.fm/clickout.php?url=http://wetter.klein2.net" target="_blank">http://wetter.klein2.net</a>) and some internal used VMs like a virtual VCR for HD TV (Sat DVB-S2). The grey one behind the ESXi is Hotaru, the backup server. In the rack is currently no running server, but the massive (weight) APC RS800 UPS and a 4 port Compaq KVM switch.

Both Futro boxes. The top one is my gateway & weather station data collector while the bottom one will become the new router once I will find some time to install pfSense onto the 2GB IDE SSD.

And believe it or not - this is what the same room used to look like! More photos of the previous room at figure.fm.
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If you want me to share your room photos then just post em on figure.fm or on this site using the "upload" button in the header.