Max Watanabe

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2007/08/11 16:33 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

For those who dont know, Max Watanabe is the top guy at Max Factory. He is well known in the figure industry and also participated in launching what we know as the MG Gundam line of Gunpla with Bandai.
I and a few readers will be meeting up with Max and a load of other folk in the figure and anime industry tomorrow night at the Good Smile offices. There will also be a few Seiyu voice actors and actresses from many popular anime series.

You may remember me mentioning in this post that the first three Good Smile fans to contact me get to come along. Angelo from OtakuKun + 2 friends and Frankie from GamersWeb + 1 friend were the first to contact me and get to come along to network with these celebs.

On the day of the Wonfes (tomorrow) Good Smile are to broadcast a live internet show from 10PM JST. Click here to find out what time that will be in your time zone. Max Watanabe is going to be the announcer.
I cant speak too much about why I have been invited but you may want to watch in particular from 11.50PM JST ^^;
The broadcast URL is located here - the big red button under the laptop will be activated tomorrow night. The show will be entirely in Japanese. They do expect a lot of traffic so if the stream drops the first time then try again later.

BTW, the image is of Good Smiles booth from a previous event.
The reminder of 2007 is going to be great. Life is good!