Japanese Home Security

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2008/07/01 15:01 JST in Japan

So, you have just moved to Japan and bought a house but are worried about burglars aiming for your huge collection of figures, gundams and Candy Girls - what do you do?

Well you can do what a load of other home owners in Japan do and hire the security services of a company like Alsok.
Starting from a laughable 4000 yen, you can order the Home Security 7 plan and have your house transformed into the state of the art fortress equipped with the latest sensors which will detect movement, fires, opening windows, farts, a light to illuminate your entrance (...) and most importantly an Alsok sticker that you can stick on your window to scare off potential burglars/assailants.

All equipment is controlled by a central electo plasmic vertex membrane (plastic control panel) and as you can see from the diagram below, (larger version at Alsok) the triggered sensors around the house can be set to alert Alsok's emergency bridge full of trained ninjas disguised as operators who will either call the police or send a man in a plastic hat with a stick. You can also call them manually by hitting an emergency button. You would think that Alsok would get in trouble for false advertising - the photo below shows how many are supposed to turn up when alerted. If you want more security then paying 7000 yen per month will get you the Home Security X7 plan which includes all of the above, a gas cloud detector, button to mobilize doctors for when you've had too much spicy food, a "Life Rhythm" device which will alert Alsok if your toilet door has remained closed for more than a certain period of time (incase you die from smelling your own shite).

X7 also includes cameras which will take pictures of suspicious persons around your house and send the images to your mobile phone, cameras to take pictures of your house which will be sent to your mobile and devices to detect if the security line to Alsok is cut.
I can imagine a scenario. You are abroad on holiday enjoying the sun and sea on the beach when you get a picture sent to your mobile of somebody entering your house - or even worse - a picture of a person leaving your house with a ton of your belongings ^^;

The only people I personally know who have these are American folks living in Japan. One of them tells me how they only have 10 seconds to deactivate the defense systems in the house before it automatically alerts Alsok ^^;

Are there security firms like Alsok in your region? Do you/would you hire their services to "protect" your home and family?

The image above shows how the Alsok guards are taught how to do sentai poses to scare off burglars.

Alsok also have a bunch of security robots which do things like put out fires, take video and use up a load of electricity. Alsok also have other security related products like =512]Computer Monitoring for bosses who cant trust his/her own employees.

The Computer Monitoring will cost that boss 17325 yen annually per monitored machine. A log is produced for each monitored machine which includes...

  • Machine on/off time, login/logout time
  • All software used
  • All USB devices that were attached to the machine
  • All documents printed
  • Current mail status (send/receive) and all files attached
  • All sites visited/how long etc
  • Name of files uploaded/downloaded via P2P software
  • Name of files being sent by FTP

When I first heard of the Computer Monitoring service that was announced by Alsok this month I thought "wow."

Employers would probably find it cheaper learning how to employ people they trust instead.

Alsok say that this product is great for employers to prevent theft of intellectual property - what do you think? What would you do if you found out that your computer was being monitored in this way at work? is your machien already monitored? When Alsok's guards cant scare off burglars with their sentai poses or sticks, they grab each other and do some Boys Love scenes which scares off 70% of the evil assailant.

Photos in this article taken from Kosei Inoue-san's blog who you can see in the CM below. Apart from sticks, Alsok's guards also can sing to scare off burglars. One of the Alsok robots in action below.