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So you've seen a couple of models using the no-paint technique and here is the 20 page+ guide to help you achieve the same effect. If you are reading this on the top page, click through to view all images.
Im not going to translate everything as most of the pics should be straight forward but will cover just some of the pics. The basic technique is to roughen up your gundam and whack on some dirt. I ideally you want to finish off with some matt top coat as the main point of this technique is to get rid of the shiny plastic out-of-the-box feel.

  • P16 > Different parts of the runner. A="Runner". B="Gate". C="Parts". D="Runner tag". E="Part number". There are two types of modeling nippers available - one for plastic and one for the Gates.
  • P17 > Take note of "D". The part has been cut by a nipper and sanded down to leave hardly any noticeable snip mark.
  • P18 > Shows how you can also use a cutter knife to get rid of the attached gate.
  • P19 > Different types of top coat. 光沢 or "koutaku" means gloss. 半光沢 or "hankoutaku" means semi-gloss. つや消し or "tsuyakeshi" means matt or flat.
  • P20 > The trick here is to press firmly to give a consistent mist and not press as if you want to save as much top coat as possible. If you can get hold of a 5 yen coin (they have holes in them) then stick that between the nozzle and the can to control the volume.
  • P23 > Shows how you can use some of mums sponge from the kitchen to roughen up the surface.
  • P24 > Use glue for parts that have hideous seams and then sand down.
  • P26 > If you end up sanding down the panel lines, use a nearby sharp object (like the dentist kit that you carry around with you) to redo those grooves.
  • P27 > You may want to use some Gundam markers to go over some parts.
  • P28 > Going over the panel lines with Gundam markers or a touch of paint.
  • P29 > Using weathering markers and pastel to give your model the bad n dirty look. Use top coat when you are finished to keep that dirt on.
  • P34 > Some tools. That red thing is a for polishing/sanding down surfaces.
  • P35 + P36 > Loadsa gundam markers.

Next up will be the airbrushing guide from a few months back.
Scans from Dengeki Hobby. #f# #f#