Garbage Seperation in Japan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2009/10/27 16:56 JST in Living in Japan Guide

Snapped on the way home at night.
Somebody tried to throw out this bag O rubbish without separating it out properly. The pink sticker has been left by the waste disposal guys which says "this rubbish has not been separated. Separate it properly and try again."
Until one manages to separate out their rubbish properly, the waste disposal folks will leave it. If they find an address in the bag (from an envelope etc), then they will leave it at the address.

This bag for example needs the cans and bottles separated out properly. The labels and caps need to be removed and they should be rinsed with water too. Once separated, one should keep them at home and throw them out on recycle day.
Recycle day is designated depending on where you live and each area usually has a chart on display out in the streets which tell you when burnables, non-burnables, recyclables etc should be put out.

The video below is an example of how one should go about separating out their rubbish.

Does your government enforce garbage separation or is everything dumped in one bag?