Figure Giveaway Time

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2013/03/26 17:38 JST in Figures

Tis been ages since the last giveaway. Anyway, todays giveaway is being sponsored by the good folks at Toylet who have been in the figure business for ages. They carry a huge selection of figures and ship worldwide.

They are currently having a sale and if you check out the prices and figures you will see that it is indeed a sale - but a sale with a difference! Its not the usually crappy cant-get-rid-of figures ^^;

So whats todays giveaway then? Well this is a photo which has been edited to simulate the eye sight of somebody who has been spending too much time looking at the contents of their on their HDD.

What you need to do is guess what the figure box is on my desk. Out of those who choose correctly, 1 person will be chosen at random and Toylet will send it to you directly.

The figure in question is actually in the giveaway sale list at Toylet. All you have to do is guess which one (you got 2 guesses) and paste in the url and the product title in the comments below like:-
Robocop Figma Action Figure

And thats it! I'll chose somebody at random this time next week and announce the winner on my Facebook and Twitter with the non-mosaic version of the photo. I'll then contact you at the email address that you used to signup on this site.

If you dont fancy your chances in the giveaway then you can still pick up a figure or two from the Toylet sale.

If the link in the comments turns out non-clickable then its fine - tis a bug in the regular expressions which I'll fix soon ><