AX 2011

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/07/06 07:16 JST in Anime Events

Thank you Anime Expo for a most bodacious time! The best part of attending Anime Expo is that not only do I get to meet old comrades but also meet a load of new ones too!
This group photo snapped at the end of my panel - thank you all for attending! I didn't think many would attend as they stuck my panel at Friday 8:30PM - which day and time slot would you prefer next year? Next year I'll ask for more time so that we can do more mingling.

The rest of the photos are split up so that you can actually see your face - please do annotate yourself so that we can connect with each other! If you are registering for the first time then make sure to leave your Twitter, Facebook or Blog in your profile/comment. The original sized version is on Flickr. The group photo that I took of you and voice actor Morikawa Toshiyuki and voice actress Sawashiro Miyuki will be uploaded later together with the rest of the Anime Expo coverage.

I love you America and see you again next year! But in the meantime, stay tuned on Mnet to watch Culture Japan Season 1 and 2 ^o^

Oh, and sorry some of you had your heads Mami'ed in the photo ><