Thursday, February 26 2015

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

One of my main focuses is as always to change the visa requirements for undergraduates - folks who for various reasons have not been to university but want to work in Japan.
A Japanese working visa usually requires applicants to either have graduated from university or have 10 years of expertise in a particular field.

Japan needs young folks who are passionate to come and help spread the culture. By the time they graduate, many folks forget about what they used to love because they have been so engrossed with their uni studies and when they do graduate - many just end up staying in their country as they need to either pay off loans or have lost their passion for Japan etc. This also means that Japan has less "ambassadors." Having the university degree requirement does not guarantee Japan that only top class folks will enter the country - I presume thats why the requirement is in place. On the contrary, there are so many gaijin morons who live and work here who run amok and do bad things which makes the rest of us gaijin look bad.

In my eyes - the degree requirement must be removed in order for Japan to be able to rally the help of young folks who love the land of the rising sun.

I will also work to implement platforms that help connect the Japanese government and private sector businesses to folks who seek opportunity to not only work in Japan but to also help spread this rich and unique culture.

I feel very strongly about this as I was once somebody who longed to live and work in Japan and will persistently bring up this visa requirement topic in this and future committees that I am on.

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