Tuesday, May 27 2014

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

It looks like i'm going to need a few more days before i can open up pre-orders for Smart Doll again.
At the moment I'm managing the development of the whole project and there is so much to do >< I'm trying to setup a production line so that we can ship pretty much as soon as we receive an order. I dont want to take money unless you and i both know exactly when your product will ship.

This also prevents our products from being sold on auction for x amount the original price. The reason is that Smart Doll will always be available - we take pre-orders when the products are ready, close pre-orders and then ship - as soon as we have shipped then the next batch of products should be ready and we will open pre-orders again.

I plan to take pre-orders and ship every month.

Setting up all of this has been challenging and i just had my last wisdom tooth pulled out so am not feeling tops at all.

Please bear with me just a wee bit more and i will let you know when all is ready.

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