Sunday, November 28 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The original Low Collar Rib Knit in Sky Blue was originally designed to match our non-post-apocalyptic apparel, such as the Floral Capri Pants.
However, a simple change in color makes it easier to match this item with both clean-looking and post-apocalyptic styles.

The Low Collar Rib Knit Sweater will soon be available in Ash Blue and seems to match Wine Red rather well. Made in Toyama Japan.

Reasons not to buy
1. Costs more than 70 bags of Walmart Whole Carrots (16 Oz bag).
2. Will not grow more Rib Knit Sweaters if planted in the ground.
3. Will not improve eyesight if eaten.
4. Will not taste as good as carrot soup (even with a sprinkle of salt).

Todays model is Dauntless Tea.
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