Thursday, October 14 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Indy wants to show you a few things today. First is a modified version of the twist-out wig with a hairband - currently a prototype.

Indy is also sporting a new Keep Calm Tee, which should be available soon.

The Post Apocalyptic rucksack is perfect for storing medical kits and scraps to craft molotovs and other survival gear.

However, these rucksacks are a dead giveaway that they contain everything anti-zombie. For this reason, the rucksack can also transform inside out to be a less inconspicuous shoulder bag.

The rucksack design is a collaborative effort with @maruko_halu on Instagram and our residents Ai-chan and Mii-chan.

Would you call this bag a rucksack or backpack or?

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