Friday, August 20 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Out n about with Independence visiting Kichijoji Temple in Kawaba Village, Gunma - a 2 hour drive up north from Tokyo.
Built in 1339, the temple is well known for its variety of plants... which I didn't get to take much photos of because I was thinking to myself that I’d love to have a camera app that either considers various skin shades or lets me do manual settings without jumping through hoops.

As soon as I point my iPhone at cocoa skin, the camera completely blows out the background. What I realized was that if I pointed the camera away from the subject and then quickly aimed at my subject and took the photo, the camera app wouldn't have enough time to blow out the background and I would be able to get a decent shot - sometimes…

I tried looking on the app store for camera apps that can handle darker skin better with no luck. Any suggestions?

Independence is currently our best-selling cocoa girl with Kabuki cocoa hot on her heels.

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