Thursday, August 12 2021

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This Satchel bag was actually created about 3 years ago, but when I first saw the design, I thought "hmm, this looks meh" so the prototype got discarded into a pile ready for the Chaos Outlet.

This year while rummaging through the pile, I picked up the prototype and thought "hmm! this looks nice!" and gave it to Fortitude for a trip to Niigata.
She really liked the bag and said it would be ideal for scavenging the post-apocalyptic landscape for resources - the lack of a sealed top meant time could be saved when bagging findings - especially important when trying to scavenge before the zombie hoard at sunset.

I made the strap detachable which makes removing the bag easier - especially when the girls carry the bag cross-shoulder.
The detachable strap also means folks can choose which way they want the label and buckle facing.

The bag can fit a fair amount of goodies, including spare hands, a melamine sponge (a must-carry item), and snacks. Made in Gifu Japan.

And lets not forget the reasons not to buy.

The top of the bag cant be sealed - but unlike a sealed bag, you can have things sticking out the top like a loaf of (small) french bread.

The unsealed bag could also mean that snacks could be easily stolen by other Smart Dolls - or zombies.

You could buy more than 500 bananas at Walmart (apparently 10 cents each) but your Smart Doll may slap you and ask whether you can really eat that many before they go bad.

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