Friday, July 30 2021

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Many folks dislike delicious ball joints, but the new Semi Seamless Smart Doll body is not designed with them in mind.

Many folks who shop in the Chaos section of our website end up with what's known as a Floating Head. As its name suggests - a Floating Head will float around in the middle of the night looking for a body to possess.

I wanted to do something for the poor lost floating head souls but we are still strapped for the resources to make more vinyl bodies. A vinyl body requires many resources in terms of slush casting (each piece can take 10 mins to bake), cutting the flash, building the body, QC tests, etc.

So I thought about the idea of a semi-seamless vinyl body that requires only a few parts - the torso, both arms and bust. These photos show the first 3D print which has an unfinished surface and sellotaped joins due to the small size of our printer.

While the lower half of the body won't have any visible lines, I wanted to retain the ability to swap out the bust. This meant that there would still be visible lines where the arm meets the bust and beneath the bust too - hence the term "semi-seamless."

The plan is to have the arms swing back and forth but that's about it in terms of articulation. This product sacrifices pretty much all articulation for aesthetics. Folks who prefer to pose their Smart Doll should avoid this product.

A seamless silicone body with an internal wire frame was not an option for us due to the amount of upkeep - powdering the silicone surface regularly was something I wanted to avoid.

The 3D sculpting is by @bebeandcici who worked on our Batgirl.
The process of taking the data and making it into a slush cast mold is being worked on by many members on the team, including @scuderia_stella and Ai-chan.

The semi-seamless body will be ideal for folks who either have floating head syndrome, prefer to display their smart dolls like a mannequin instead of taking them out, or prefer the seamless aesthetic when combined with a bikini.

This product is still in the R&D phase as we work out various issues but we will proceed to production soon after.
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