Sunday, June 13 2021

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In case you were wondering - Smart Doll eyes do fit humans.
When I designed Smart Doll, I felt that following standards for fashion dolls hindered the design aesthetic that I was aiming for. This is one of the reasons why Smart Doll has a socket in the back. This is also the reason why our eyes don't conform to standards either.

Smart Doll semi-real eyes are about 20mm wide. The print size is about 7.3mm tall by 6.8mm wide but the size is amplified by 1mm due to refraction.
Smart Doll anime eyes are about 22mm wide. The print size is about 12.5 mm tall by 9.5 to 10.5mm wide. Again this would be amplified by about 1mm due to lens refraction.

When looking for third-party eyes, try to find out the size of the print before buying. The size of the eye should not be too big as they may bump against each other inside the head. This is the reason why Smart Doll anime eyes are flat compared to other eyes on the market. They start off looking like semi-real eyes but need to be cut in half and sanded down on the back.

If you make eyes for Smart Doll, feel free to plug your goodies in the comments.

When using Smart Doll eyes on a human, do not lift eyelids and place on the actual eye as it may cause some pain.
You can try to attach them on the back of your head to let backstabbers know that you are watching them.

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