Monday, February 1 2021

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The usual lookie around our Tokyo office of late. Apart from all the releases (both Smart Doll's and apparel) that we are preparing for March, there are a few new projects progressing in parallel that I believe will compliment the Smart Doll business - I can't wait to reveal them to you this Spring but you may be able to guess at what they are if you zoom in on some of these photos ;-)

And now for some updates. The Supergirl product detail page will go live this month. Pre-orders and shipping will start in March. Covid has affected production schedules; thus, we've had to change strategies. This year we want to release at least 3 DC heroines, but to make this happen, we need to focus on product variety rather than product quantity.

This means that each heroine's quota will initially be small for this year, and we will revisit whether we will do another run or focus on new characters next year.

Shiki Ichinose is planned to be a single run. We hope to have her product detail page up this month too. Pre-order timing is dependent on Bandai sign-off on a few small details.

Feb will be another quiet month for releases, but you should expect to see a relentless onslaught of new goodies from March until the end of the year.

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