Wednesday, January 20 2021

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This came up on the news last night, and you know, sharing is caring.
Japan is now under the second state of emergency. We are reducing work hours to 4 days a week and leaving office as early as possible so the team can avoid a final-boss-level packed train. We are still shipping on a regular schedule.

Some restaurants are now displaying this sign which says "Mokushoku" [黙食] - a word that means "shut-up and eat" - this move is to help prevent your spit flying around soaking fellow citizens - one of these photos shows how much you end up soaking the person sitting next to you when you speak to them.

There are even some restaurants that offer free dishes if you are able to eat while not uttering a single word.

Many restaurants over here have reduced hours while others have closed for good. Supermarkets are open, and shelves are full with no more hoarding. Life goes on in the new normal - I would say that 99% of citizens wearing masks while out n about has helped us live through the pandemic without total lockdowns.

How are things in your neck of the woods? Getting better or?
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