Tuesday, January 5 2021

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The girls asked for a virtual reality set that actually fits them, but they get to play with mine in the meantime.

Back in 2014, I got myself an Oculus developer kit - it came with a bunch of wires connected, ihad to be powered by two separate power inputs, and also came with a bunch of lenses - all in all, it was such a bad experience that I didn't do anything with it.

I've been following updates on Oculus since then but never took the dive - not until a friend came over with their headset. I ordered one on Amazon only a few mins after putting the headset on - it really is that good!

Up until then, seeing the graphic capabilities of the Oculus in videos online didn't inspire - but that's because videos simply cannot extend beyond its four borders to convey the peripheral vision that you get with a headset.

I am astounded by how far Oculus has come. I thought I would at least need headphones to complete the immersive experience but no - to my surprise, the built-in speakers do a great job - and together with the visuals - you are teleported into another world.

I downloaded all of the Vader games and have already completed one - they are short games but quality is top notch - and if you are a Star Wars fan then this is something that you got to experience.

I want to see how VR can somehow complement our mission - VR tours of the office or places around Japan? Maybe a place where Smart Doll owners can mingle together in VR?

If you have not tried VR yet - I thoroughly recommend that you give it a whirl. I guess "whirl" is a fitting term as many folks do get motion sickness. I do get dizzy, but I want to get used to the experience.

Have you tried any VR headsets? Are you an Oculus/Hive owner? What games/apps do you dabble in? Are you a developer that does VR stuff?
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