Friday, January 1 2021

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Happy New Year folks!
As we have done for the past 20 years or so, we went to our local temple Meguro Fudoson Ryusenji to pay respects, return last year's talismans and collect new ones for this year.

In these photos, you can see Mirai holding the wooden talisman for the company Mirai Kabushiki Gaisha.

Wifey and I carry smaller talismans that fit in our wallets - we get them renewed every year, but this year was special because Mirai got her own one.

The monks at the temple will call upon the spirits to empower your personalized talisman with one of the following powers.

-Ward off calamity
-Flourishing business
-Safety for family
-Good health
-Prayers are fulfilled
-Prevent my current illness from getting worse
-Save me from these rough seas
-Safety for family+Flourishing business combo pack
-Safety for family+Good health combo pack

My one is "Prevent my current illness from getting worse" and the one for the company is the "Safety for family+Flourishing business" combo pack ;-)

What powers would you choose? Maybe try to get your own when you visit Japan after the pandemic.

Also in the photos - it's interesting to see the purification well (where you would normally wash your hands) at the entrance of the temple is now replaced with hand sanitizer.

There is a chart that Mirai is standing next to - it shows that if you are going to be 42, 25, 61 (male), 33, 37, 19, 61 (female) or a young child aged 4 then you are going to have a very bad year ahead of you. Luckily, the temple sells talismans to deal with such situations ;-)

Stay safe.
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