Wednesday, December 9 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

We took over the 5th floor in our building last month which has nice wooden flooring to slide around on - it was so nice that I thought it was about time we revamped the 2nd floor to look the same. We had been using the tile carpet on the 2nd floor since 2014, and as we walk around barefoot indoors - I'm sure the carpet has been saturated with enough foot juice. Besides - the Roomba kept choking on the carpet.

We moved all the furniture to one side of the room on a Friday afternoon, the flooring folks came in at 8AM the next day to rip up the old carpet and lay down the new flooring - all done in 3 hours. The rest of the day was spent tidying up the new layout.

This has been a great opportunity to take learnings from the past 6 years to start all over again with the most optimized layout so far.
It's an exciting time in Smart Doll Land - its Day One all over again ;-)
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