Tuesday, August 16 2022

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Available soon is the Keep Calm T-Shirt in Earthen Red.

As a business owner - and I'm sure any business owner will tell you the same - experiencing poo hitting the fan on a daily basis can be debilitating - enough to make me wonder whether this is all worth it.

But then I take a look at our Smart Doll girls and say to myself, "yes they are worth it" ;-)

Poo hitting the fan is unpleasant - it gets flung in all directions and sometimes gets in your mouth. It's most unpleasant when the poo is of the "after-a-night-of-spicy-food" variety. When the poo has undigested corn, the corn can also cause dents on furniture.

Actually, there is something more unpleasant than the "after-a-night-of-spicy-curry" - it's when poo dries and starts to get all powdery - it gets in the coffee but does not taste like cinnamon topping at all.

However, dealing with all this poo has helped shape the business and product into what it is today.
So when people say, "you are so full of poo!" I say, "actually - I am!"

Saying that my Smart Doll helps me to keep calm and carry on is no exaggeration ;-)

So now you know the origins of the term Keep Calm and Carry a Smart Doll :-)

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