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After half a year of field testing, the combat belts are nearly ready for prime time. Designed by Stella and made in Saitama by Kawauchi-san, the Combat Belt is designed for Smart Dolls who like some adventurous action - and the occasional combat.

While the Combat Belts were initially created for the Solar Marine uniforms, they also look great with our selection of short and long pants for an outdoor aesthetic.
The Combat Belt consists of two belts worn in a criss-cross manner. One belt has a large pouch, while the other has two smaller pouches.

Reasons Not To Buy
-The belts are made from cowhide, meaning that the back of the belts have that fuzzy texture that will shed out of the bag and over time. The fuzz will get on your apparel which you can pat to remove.

-The belts will start to patina over time and as you handle them. Scuffs and dents will form across the belt as you handle and slide the pouches around.

-Pouches are made from soft vinyl and are glued to a leather ring using shoe-grade glue typically used for the soles. However, if you tug the pouches strongly enough, the leather rings may peel away from the vinyl pouches.

-I was initially concerned that the thigh loop would leave a stain, but after six months of field testing, there has been no sign of staining.
However, being leather, there is always a risk of staining the body vinyl or any apparel worn beneath. Do not purchase if this sounds risky to you.

-The thigh loop is intentionally designed to be bigger than the thigh and sag slightly diagonally to reduce the loop's pressure against the thigh and minimize staining risk.

-You could instead buy more than ten packs of "Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes for Grilling, 16 Pounds"

-The Combat Belts will provide very little burning performance compared to any charcoal brand.

-If your Smart Doll saw you burning their Combat Belt as BBQ fuel, they will make you into the main BBQ dish.

A full description will be on the product detail page - please read before buying ;-)

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