Wednesday, August 12 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

First revealed on Instagram in Jan 2020, we have been developing this body suit for Smart Doll since Jan 2019 and it’s now finally ready for prime time.
Made in Kyushu Japan, the body suit (some people call these bodysuit, body glove, body stocking, body snatcher etc) can be used for various applications such as a stain prevention measure, hide joints (what you don’t like dem delicious ball joints?), Cortex cover (what you don’t like dem delicious seams?) - and it also helps in reducing chances of scuffing for both vinyl but Cortex in particular. You can also tie it to the end of a pole and wave it around in public to see what happens - but don't do it with the bust cover as it looks indecent when hung upside down.

The suits are found under "innerwear" and "secret stuff" on the Smart Doll online store. Please read all the specs on the product detail page as they are there to protect you from buying a product that didn't meet your expectations.

One of the main reasons this product was designed was because of Cortex but that project didn't go as expected so I'm not sure if we will do another run of this item - if you want it get it now. Milk is a limited run. Made in Kyushu Japan. Not certain if these will fit the Smart Doll guys (will check this week) but if they do then there is one thing that will be for certain - their voices will be high pitched while they wear them.

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