Sunday, April 14 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Available now - decided to call name this “Mecha Cat Ears” as I presume not everybody here speaks Japanese. But for those who do, you will know that these would otherwise be called “Neko Mimi” or “Mecha Mimi.” So what inspired me to make some? It was Prowess as I think that these compliment her character very well. The prototypes started off being a bit to clean though so we went ahead to weather each and every one - now they look great as part of our casual wear. Don’t expect yours to look exactly like the photos because each one is weathered individually.

The model was developed in 3D and printed on our Photon printer. We then used the printed model to make copies in resin. The resin is originally white where we first prime, paint and then add weathering.

Fits all our Smart Doll girls but the tightness will depend on the size of the head and wig. Not tried them out on the boys yet - I suspect that the boys heads will be too small.

Don’t pull the bands outwards or it will break. Don’t drop it either or you will chip the paint where upon you may cry like the devil.

Apart from Prowess, goes well with Haruka and the Red Ninja Uniform.

Speaking of which - how many of you playing Devil May Cry 5? #smartdoll #notweet

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