Sunday, April 21 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

It’s been a long….journey but she’s ready at last. I didn’t manage to sort out how to sell Journey with the two facial expressions that we are going to call Classic (open mouth) and Alternate (closed mouth). We tried the two head thing with Lelouch two years ago and it was challenging to say the least. Anyway, we can only keep one version of Journey and I will leave that decision up to you. We will initially launch both and the one that does better will stay on to be the default - the other will be discontinued. Release is next month May for both.

I’m actually about to board a flight bound for Los Angeles so will explain more at a later date. If you are interested in this or both versions of Journey then signup for the Email notifications for both - available in the Coming Soon menu under “new stuff” on the site.

ジャーニーはまもなく発売ですが、2つのバージョンつくってしまった。CLASSICは口開け、ALTERNATEは口閉じ。どれが定番になるのかは売り上げで決めます。まずはご興味があれば通知登録を。#smartdoll #bjd #fashiondoll #anime #notweet

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