Wednesday, May 1 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Back in #tokyo - it’s Golden Week in Japan so the office and Mirai Store will be closed up until the 6th and we open and start shipping on the 7th May. I’m taking this time to plan the next five years of Smart Doll which includes products, new technologies, domestic and international office planning and staffing. While we will be hiring folks to work for us directly, I will also assemble teams who can work for us remotely on product research & development (prototypes) for 3D sculpting and apparel and also for event deployment.
As for US operations, when we eventually setup over there, as mentioned previously, Torrance in California is going to be the most likely location as they got Tender Greens and Souplantation (priorities), close to LAX, relative easy access to national parks but most importantly - close to some of the studios we work with in Hollywood. #smartdoll

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