Monday, April 1 2019

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Smart Doll Plus started off as an April Fools back in 2015 - 4 years later and the reality is near. The molds were completed early 2018 and since then we have been developing the frame. After a gazillion prototypes, I can say that the final version is just around the corner and will be ready this year.

However, the production of Smart Doll Plus is extremely labor intensive and takes a team to put together a single doll over the span of a few weeks - clearly not a scalable business as the mold, casting and labor costs are way to steep. For this reason, I can’t release Smart Doll Plus as a consumer product until we can find a more scalable solution.

For the time being Smart Doll Plus will be a B2B business. I have already spoken to quite a few anime studios who have placed orders - we will be making customized versions of their anime characters for various events to take place around the world.

One Smart Doll Plus costs 390,000 JPY for the base model where one can choose from the various girls where already have paint masks for including Mirai, Gaia, Melody, Symphony, Harmony, Ebony, Ivory and an unnamed girl. We are in the middle of making Ruby and Valiant too. The price includes hand sets, two boob sizes, stand and full apparel set.
The anime studios are paying an additional 300,000 JPY to have a custom wig and uniform.

If you are still interested in owning a Smart Doll plus despite the B2B pricing then you can sign up for the notification alerts but the waiting list is currently filled until December.

I know that this decision will disappoint some folks but there is simply no way I could build and sell such a product for the requested price of 100,000 yen - even though the size is just twice the size of a standard Smart Doll - it does not mean the costs are a matter of doubling numbers.|2015年エイプリルフールとしてネタにしたスマートドールプラス。いよいよ今年発売しますが、コストはあんまりにも高いため、しばらくはB2Bビジネスで展開します。現在はいろんなアニメ制作スタジオの受注を受けています。
それでもほしい方は通知機能を使って登録してもOKです。12月まで予約がいっぱいですが。#smartdoll #notweet

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