Monday, April 1 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Japan loves bronze statues and they love putting them outside their train stations. Many of you will already know about Hachi - the bronze statue of the Shiba dog outside Shibuya Station and the bronze Gundam statue outside Kami-igusa station where the Sunrise offices are.
As you know, I have been working with the Japanese government as an advisor for quite a while now and also with Japan Tourism. We recently got together and decided that our flagship store Mirai Store should be made into an official tourist attraction.
To mark this occasion, we have erected a bronze statue of Smart Doll outside Fudomae Station which is on the Meguro-line. Gotanda is the closest station on the JR line but Fudomae is also quite close too.

To celebrate, we will be also selling copies of the bronze statue. They weigh 150 kilos each so shipping will cost a bit but I think it would look great in your garden or outside your house.

I am proud of what Smart Doll has achieved in such a short time and thank you for your continued support!

日本人は銅像が好きのようです。渋谷駅にハチ公、上井草駅にガンダムそして今日から不動前駅にスマートドール 銅像が建ちます!ご存知のように僕は内閣のアドバイザーを務め、日本観光庁ともコラボしています。そこで弊社の旗艦店ミライストアを観光名所にすべく不動前駅にスマートドール の銅像を建てることに。JR五反田は近いですが、不動前駅も便利!

そして、この銅像を複製の販売も決定しました。一体150キロと若干重いですが、お家の外にはお似合いと思います。#smartdoll #notweet

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