Tuesday, March 5 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

New goodies and a time sale now on for next 24 hours only. First up - the Henley Neck Rusty Red, Weathered Olive Green Pants and Fingerless Mittens (red replaces brown due to sourcing issues) are now out.

The clock is counting down on the current time sale which we are calling “Thanos Time” meaning that everything must go! The prices we have set are crazy and most items have no margin but everything must go to make room for new items. Keeping stock on the shelf actually incurs costs in terms of it taking up space, controlling room temperature and moisture, managing SKU’s, restocking the picking/packing area etc. Everything in the time sale won’t be restocked. ニューアイテムをリリース!タイムセールも起動!彩色おっぱい半額(ぐらい)などなどが!#smartdoll #notweet

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