Thursday, February 21 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Quiz time. Which of these Gaia is Cortex? Left? Right? Both? The point here is that it’s difficult to tell the difference between vinyl and cortex especially if they are wearing long sleeves and trousers. If you don’t mind seam lines and are going to have your girl dressed up most of the time anyway then Cortex was designed for you. The frame is the same as the vinyl version and you can swap out the bewbs too.
The pre-assembled ones we sold at New York were not glued but customers could do so if they wished. The pre-assembled ones that we sell however will be glued as parts can pop open when moved. Which reminds me I can’t wait to see Alita: Battle Angel!

If seam lines are not your thing then I recommend leaving cortex for those who really want it and stick with vinyl. I prefer folks don’t buy just because they are cheaper to see what its like only to find out that they didn’t like it after all. I want to sell stuff that folks will cherish - I’d rather not make money from folks buying our stuff and keeping it in a cupboard.

Anyway, back to the quiz…
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