Tuesday, February 12 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

“When traveling, I usually carry a few girls in my carry-on” - without context - a phrase like this could land you in prison so be careful when talking about carrying your girls (or boys) in a bag - especially if it involves removing their head or hands before you bag them.
Seriously though, apart from carrying a girl in my Mirai Carry, I always have another in my carry-on. I used to wrap them in the bathrobe but their legs were exposed due to the short hem. I went about working with my apparel team to design a gown of sorts that would act as a wrap when traveling. When I saw the first prototype I decided that the hood should drape over the head in a Jedi/Assassins Creed look. While hoods don’t drape like that in real life, it is rumored that the pointed tip of the hood is achieved using The Force. But for us boring humans on Earth, we had to come up with another way.

I came up with the idea of having a soft but flexible and sturdy rib inside the hood which can be shaped to give that draped look - shape it to your hearts content!

Not only does this gown act as a wrap but looks great on display too. There is a tradeoff though - to get this product looking decent as a gown and not just a burrito wrap, the hood does not completely wrap around the face. As you can also see from the photos the hem is long and drapes on the floor - this is so that the feet are protected when knees are bent in your bag. The sleeves are long to cover the hands in transit - roll them up when worn as a gown.

In Japanese culture it’s important to wear robes, yukata etc with the left side wrapped over the right so that the right hand can be slid inside for a boob check - I obviously only said that as a mnemonic for you to remember which side wraps over which. The only occasion when the right is worn over the left is when the person is being prepared for burial - so you see its very important not to get this wrong.

Do note this is fake fur so if you get one of those folks in the street trying to splash red ink on your Smart Doll then just slap them. #smartdoll #notweet

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