Friday, February 1 2019

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Valiant product photos done! March/April release. The reason why I will never ever make a version without her birthmark is written in the text. Yes people actually do ask…

Anyway, thought I’d let you know that Smart Doll’s are like ramen noodles. If you visit Japan, ramen restaurants have a note on the wall saying that even if you order first, your ramen may come second or third depending on what they are making at the time. It makes sense for them to make 3 orders of Shio Ramen instead of stopping to make one Miso Ramen and then continue with Shio again. Shio means Salt.

So, Smart Dolls are like ramen lol. Ask anybody who makes stuff for a living and I’m sure they will have a tale or two about production issues (go on tell us!) I can write a few books about production issues and promise to update “the making of Smart Doll” post with new photos and actually talk about the issues and how you can overcome or work with them. It is in my interest to share info with you so that you get more creative and maybe if I’m lucky you will come to work for us.

Production issues affect releases a great deal which is why we don’t have a fixed schedule. A fixed schedule means that we *must* release on that date regardless of whether the product is up to standards or not. Software and game companies get to release a patch on day one but for products - thats it. If you release poo into the wild it stays poo. While pooing once a day is good for you, pooey dolls is bad - especially if they have undigested corn on them.

Journey for example - we are on the 9th try for the masks and the mouth just looks odd being open when done with a paint mask. We can’t do them manually as we will only manage one per day but we make thousands. The reason why you don’t see thousands on social media is because many folks just display Smart Dolls at home and many belong to kids who dont have social media accounts. Our kids market is roughly 50% of sales. 80% of our sales come from folks who have encountered fashion dolls for the first time.
I find myself explaining a lot of things of late lol. Better for me to explain than to have folks make things up I guess as they tend to do. #smartdoll #notweet

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