Saturday, January 26 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Pew Pew
Continuing on from yesterday, This is Gaia’s botty showing another example of the birthmarks - these can appear anywhere on the Smart Doll body even in the most visible places not covered by clothing. Potential consumers should be made aware that this is normal in Smart Doll Land and normal among homo sapiens actually.
Anyway, I mentioned our vitiligo girl - currently working out how the masks should be done and am thinking for the first time to have a paint mask for the bust too to show the vitiligo reach across the bust and neck - not sure if it will work but going to at least try.

If there is a particular shape that you want on the face then send me a photo via DM - it can be from the internets or of a friend or of yourself.
I want to do burn marks too but will leave that for a different girl.

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