Tuesday, January 22 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Heading out on the train this morning to a meeting in Hachi Ouji. I live just opposite our office however so I don’t get to play sardines on the Tokyo trains each morning like I did when working at Amazon. There is a tactic that sometimes works to avoid being crushed and that is to move right into the carriage away from the doors. Most people just hang around the doors but the inside of the carriage can have quite a few standing slots - you just need to wiggle your way in which most people here don’t like to do.
Always put your bag on the rack instead of leaving it on your back. How many of you have experienced sardines on the Tokyo trains? There have been a few times where my ribs were literally screaming and I have heard on the news of people getting broken bones from being squashed. #japan

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