Wednesday, January 23 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Most of you voted “Replace current with freckles” so your wish is my command. The current Sana will be replaced after current stocks are depleted. When I say “replaced” I mean that she will gain freckles and loose the white highlights because they clash with the freckles. Not sure when the freckles version will be available (not that soon) but Sana will be return with a back story.
I know some folks will be boo hoo hoo but the current Sana has been around for a year and a half which is more than enough time for folks to buy. As a business we need to continue to change and evolve with the environment. If we kept selling the same things forever then we would become extinct through a process called natural selection - it is the ones who choose to change with the environment that get a better chance of survival. I hope this is cool with you as I have no plans on becoming a fossil exhibit in a museum. But being displayed next to a T Rex would be cool.
サナちゃんはそばかすに!なので現行版が在庫切れ次第販売終了し、そばかすバージョンで蘇る。#smartdoll #notweet

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