Wednesday, October 17 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The #smartdoll transporter Mirai Carry - pre-orders open soon. Its been a long journey with a zillion of prototypes made but its finally ready to go and is currently being made in the Hyogo prefecture #Japan
This bag has been designed for one person - and I selfishly say it was designed for myself just like the original concept of Smart Doll. But because it was designed for myself, I wanted it tweaked for my needs which is mainly to deploy a Smart Doll in 10 seconds while not having to take anything else out of my bag. I also wanted to be able to remove a camera etc without having to remove my Smart Doll. I travel a lot so it needed an area for my MacBook (fits up to 15”) and a compartment for snacks and wot not. While it is made for myself, it does come with adjustable straps for you lol. The compartments inside can be moved around as you please and if you remove all compartments then you can carry 2 Smart Dolls. Mirai Carry won’t fit the needs of everybody and is not designed to - it’s designed for me. But it looks like some of you are interested and if you decide to get one based on the current functionality then I think you will love it. Will write a full post on the product soon.

I am waiting for decent weather in Tokyo so that I can take more product photos but until then here are 4 photos before it clouded over.


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