Tuesday, August 28 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Introducing “Smart Doll Hybrid” - a cross between Cortex and the Soft Vinyl version. Hybrid has soft vinyl (slush casting) head and bewbs while the rest of the body is injection molded with the Asaflex material. The price point will be in between Cortex and vinyl. Zoom in on this photo to see the seamlines on the torso, thighs and arms which you can easily remove yourself if you wanted to.
Cortex is just incredible I just can’t even. It’s going to completely change our company and the landscape around us.
スマートドールプラモデルの「コーテックス版」、塩ビの「ソフビ版」に新シリーズ「ハイブリッド版」登場。頭部やおっぱいは塩ビ、それ以外は射出成形。みらいちゃんの画像を拡大すると胴体や腕、ももの分割線が確認できます。モデラーなら消すのはちょろいもんだぜ。#notweet #smartdoll

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