Monday, August 20 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

At Bandai Namco with Cortex Mirai. The future of licensed fashion dolls will be Cortex based and that future starts soon. I have already been approached by doll manufacturers who want to switch their vinyl/resin bodies to Cortex. With Cortex you will be able to buy your favorite game, anime or movie characters for considerably less than they are now. Mika will be vinyl as the contract for that was signed last year but the next Idol Master Cinderella Girls Smart Doll announced this Sunday will be Cortex based.
Interestingly enough I have had pushback from many folks in the doll community who do not want me to release Cortex saying that I will devalue the price of their expensive dolls and that the doll market will be destroyed. Ummm OK.... Cortex molds and casting is done in Japan under my supervision. It’s a project that I’ve worked on for three years with my team. A ton of engineering has gone into it and I can’t wait for you to have it. I want as many people around the world as possible to have one.
バンダイナムコでコーテックスみらいちゃんがいる。#smartdoll #notweet

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