Saturday, August 18 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Sorry to keep you waiting on this - the Smart Doll Apparel Patterns for Men and Women are finally ready for download - for free.
These patterns have been cut especially to fit the Smart Doll body contour and are available by typing in your browser - or just click on the link in my profile lol.

You are free to use and modify these patterns for your own projects at school or home which includes selling anything you make - I shall take no fees whatsoever - what you make is yours as long as you use the patterns to make Smart Doll apparel - and in return if your goodies are awesome, I will help you sell your Smart Doll apparel by listing your Etsy etc link on the Smart Doll Apparel Makers page which I will get up soon.

If your designs are inline with our apparel concept then you may find that I stalk you and one day ask if you are free to do work for us like @puppy52, @tobiasmalfoy.atelier and @maruko_halu

I encourage everybody to have side projects where one will not only learn many new crafting skills but also everything that goes into making a product - selling online, payments, inventory management, shipping & tracking, customer support etc.
Many side projects in my career have contributed to what life is now - learning Japanese, learning programming and 3D graphics, making websites and so on. We can all make time for this even though we are schooling or working.

The skills and experience you gain through side projects will also open up more opportunities in life and maybe even prepare you for when life does not go as planned.

スマートドール用アパレルパターンを無料配布開始。学校での勉強資材やサイドプロジェクトなどで使ってください。個人用でも、営利用でもOK。僕は手数料などは要りません。スマートドール専用のアパレルを作って販売しているディラーさんの販売先URLも宣伝させてください。 でダウンロードせよ。#notweet #smartdoll

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