Friday, May 25 2018

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If you are falling to the ground hard in life then it’s because the bigger the goals you have, the bigger the hurdles will be and the harder you will fall when you trip over those hurdles.
If you are finding it easy to get up then your goals are small. If you find that you can’t get up then your goals are big - goals big enough to make you realize that if you don’t get up again then you will loose everything that you built to this day.
I may make my job look like all roses (it’s my job to lol) but I assure you that falling flat on my face in the dirt is something I do on a daily basis - even when I’m trying to take a break in Austria.
Constant visualization of my goals helps me get back up and it will do the same for you. Visualize what you want and what it will feel like to get to that goal. That visualization will help you get back on your feet and carry on - You can’t have a goal without the vision.
I used to get depressed when I fell but after some research I found some studies that stress causes inflammations in the body. In my case, after a bout of stress, I had severe hernia pain and sciatica - so now I can’t afford to get stressed anymore as I know that I will end up in a wheelchair again.
Anyway, this is getting too long for this post. In short, you can’t afford to get stressed and stay down - get up after that big fall and use that visualization to help you.
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