Monday, April 16 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Cherry is available today and ships within 2 - 5 biz days. If she sells out we will restock for a bit but not sure if she is going to be a frontline girl so if you want her then nab her now.
The gadget girl and retro gamer - always chooses Chun-Li when playing Street Fighter on her Super Famicom and can actually do a Spinning Bird Kick in real life for 2 seconds. Cherry is a bubbly girl just like her sister Sana without the mischief.
デジモノとレトロゲーム好きのチェリーちゃん。スーパーファミコンのストリートファイターでは必ず春麗をチョイスし、人間界では実際に2秒間のスピニングバードキックができる。姉のサナと同様元気で明るいですが、いたずらはあんまりしない。#smartdoll #notweet

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