Wednesday, April 4 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I am looking for more Ninja's to work on my QC team in Tokyo. We QC each and every item that gets shipped out but we have a problem - demand for our products is so high that we need more Ninja's.
If you can work at least 3 afternoons a week (from 2 - 6PM) and are interested in working with my team then fill in the form at the link below and I will contact you regarding terms and pay if your hours meet our needs.
We have a Kenpin Challenge this Friday afternoon starting at 2 which ends at 4. Kenpin as you know is 検品 in Japanese and means Quality Control in Smart Doll Land.

If you can spot all the quirks in a set of apparel (find all the stray threads or holes, wonky labels and stitching etc) then you are hired straight away - no qualifications needed as long as you are not spooky - spooky folks get to work in another department. These positions are best for folks who are attentive to small details. Folks who do well will be given more responsibilities and compensated accordingly.
Folks who can't speak Japanese *at all* should not apply. These positions are only for folks who are currently residing in Tokyo. Please share with folks who you think will fit the bill - if somebody applies and gets the job through your share then I will send you goodies.

May the force be with you. #notweet

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