Sunday, February 28 2016

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Today we take a walk around the Asakusa and the Sumida River area. Asakusa is located in East Tokyo and is home to Sensoji Temple - founded in 645 CE, Sensoji [浅草寺] is a great place to see some of the more traditional side of Japan without traveling too far out of the metropolis - it's also a great(?) place to see a bunch of foreign tourists too.
Many Japanese folks say that they don't like to see other Japanese folks when they travel overseas - one of the reasons seems to be that they wanted to get away from it all and the last thing they wanted to see were more Japanese at their holiday destination.
I also hear that English folks don't like seeing other English folks in Japan - do you feel the same when you travel to Japan and see visitors who are also from your neck of the woods?

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