Thursday, December 12 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I’ve always wanted to release Genesis this year but the wig samples just kept coming back looking wrong - but! today I think we nailed it and she is looking so good in her cinnamon tone. What you see here is not a 3D print but the final product from the mold and this is the final wig. We will be able to release a very small quantity of Genesis end of next week and we will ship before our last day of shipping of the year which is the 27th December.

If you signed up for the alerts (the detail page currently says Milk but she will be released in Cinnamon) and she is sold out by the time you get to the detail page, you will need to signup again and repeat the process until she’s yours ;-) There are currently a zillion people signed up but not enough to go around before the year is out - we will make more in Jan. Will also release other new girls in Jan in small quantities as we need to focus on shipping the remaining Suzaku, Lelouch and Spike. None of the up and coming girls are limited and should be around for quite a while.

ジェネシス商品版です!かわいい。来週末あたり発売。#tokyo #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll

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