Monday, October 28 2019

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Details of events that we will attend at NYC and LA as follows.⁣
⁣AnimeNYC is at Javits in New York from 15 - 17th Nov. Our Booth is at 338 in hall 3B. My panel is Saturday 16th from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Room 1E04.⁣
⁣We are also attending for the first time DesignerCon at Anaheim from 23 - 24th nov in LA. I’m not 100% sure we can make it for the first day on Friday 22nd (which is the evening only) but plan to be there on Sat and Sun. Booth is 2213. No panel planned.⁣
⁣All dolls for sale at these events must be reserved by sending mail to “support at smartdoll dot jp.” We only have a limited number of Smart Dolls that we can bring. Tell us what girl (sorry no boys this time) and whether you want vinyl or cortex. Cinnamon cortex will not be available. Prices as follows:-⁣
⁣Smart Doll (vinyl body) = 580 USD (includes tax) - these include approx 235 USD of curated apparel - could be less or more.⁣
⁣Smart Doll (cortex body) = 480 USD (includes tax) - these include approx 235 USD of curated apparel - could be less or more.⁣
⁣Genesis, Entropy, Independence, Supergirl or any other licensed dolls are not available. As always, you cant choose the apparel as I need to have a balanced wardrobe on display - if this is not cool then refrain from ordering.⁣
⁣We ask that you pick up your smart doll on the last day but if you cant attend the last day let us know and we will try to figure something out.⁣
⁣During the rest of my stay in LA I’m meeting with a few Hollywood studios and won’t have time for meetups so if you want to have a chit chat then drop by the booth - same goes for New York where we leave the next day for Canyon Lands and Arches.⁣
⁣I cant wait to announce the next Hollywood studio we are working with. The force will be with you. Always. #tokyo #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll #modelkit #diy #dollstagram #dollphotography

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