Saturday, October 5 2019

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At least once a year we take our team overseas for a break and to learn about other cultures. This year we are in Korea. However the whole team can't be here with us as some have to take care of their kids and some are folks located around the globe who we outsource work to.

I built my career in companies like Amazon as Website Manager, Microsoft as Product Manager and Japan Airlines as an Engineer. I started my business while I was at Amazon and left corporate life when I was at Microsoft to pursue my dreams.
I'm blessed with an awesome team and would love for them to stay with us forever but it is in my interests to care about their dreams too.
For this reason, we allow folks to take side jobs or start their own sole proprietorship to prepare themselves for when they take on the final challenge of being their own boss. We proactively mentor staff so that they have the skills and knowledge that they need to not only start their own business but hopefully to have us at Smart Doll to be one of their clients.
Some have already taken the leap and we have committed to contracting their services in various fields.
For folks who stay on, we want to make sure they are fulfilling their dreams. For those who jump ship, we want to make sure they jump onto their own ship so that we can sail through rough seas together to explore and conquer new worlds.

I've already touched on the hardships of running a company but dreams are not accomplished through plain sailing.
There are only a couple of months left in 2019 but I have a few big deal announcements to make. It's these announcements that make sailing the hard-ship worth it and I thank my team for sailing with me.

How many of you have a dream of starting your own company one day? Even if you are fully employed, you can start a side business with a Sole Proprietorship. If your company does not allow it then maybe you are working in the wrong place. #seoul #korea #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll #modelkit #diy #dollstagtam #dollphotography

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