Thursday, September 19 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The ultimate outdoor jacket for your Smart Doll is now available! So far the Sequoia Jacket has been field tested in Iceland, Dusseldorf, London, Shanghai, California, Nagano and Tokyo.

Made in Iwakuni Japan and Designed by @maruko_halu on Instagram, the Sequoia Jacket fits not only the girls but also guys which have been equipped with slim….arms and bust - although it’s a very tight fit for the guys which may cause them to speak in a high pitched tone.

All pockets are functional and the shoulder loop can be undone to hold the strap of our bags so that they don’t slip off the shoulder.

The naming of this jacket was decided on a trip to Sequoia National Park located in California. The park is home to some of the oldest and largest trees on the planet.

このジャケットの名の由来は、初めて公開した時はちょうどセコイア国立公園にいたからです。岩国産。デザインby @maruko_halu

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