Wednesday, May 24 2023

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Smart Doll Pear Body development updates. Note that the current version is a very rough 3D print where much of the 3D detail is lost. However, the final molds will restore much of the missing definition.

The latest version has wider thighs which still maintain articulation. Any further widening would compromise mobility, turning the body into a statue. The upper arms and neck have also been widened.

Our prototyping process splits 3D modeling into two branches: the base model and the 3D print prototype. The latter requires a minimum wall thickness of 3mm for successful printing. This initiates a cycle of adjustments and printing to address real-world collision issues.

We’re also experimenting with flexible resins and filaments for better collision evaluation. Once prototyping is complete, we’ll apply the insights gained to the base model, as the 3D prints for molds differ significantly. The final design stage introduces asymmetry.

We’re preparing to launch the Pear Body as a frontline character, with candidate designs showcased in the photos. We’re exploring more designs and would love your input. Do you favor the sweeter version, pictured with the smaller bust, or the more confident version, featured with the larger bust at the end of the post? Additionally, we’re curious about your preference between the smaller and larger bust sizes.

While we still need to model and tweak a myriad of production complexities , I thank the Smart Doll community for the guidance resulting in the progress so far.

The Apparel team is working on patterns as we speak for the dedicated line of outfits.

I’m accelerating the development of the Smart Doll Pear Body, driven not only by the need to rectify its underrepresentation in the doll industry but also in response to comments labeling this body type as "fat and unsightly." Interestingly, the more such comments I see, the faster the development progresses. Feedback, whether positive or negative, fuels our determination to challenge perceptions and celebrate diversity. ;-)

I envision a launch later this year in all Smart Doll skin tones.
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